ItzWonderFull's World - DocuSeries

This was one of the most lit weekends of my WonderFull life. Two back to back shows was something that I was looking forward to for a while. With all the promotion we ended up having a sold out show which is history and means only more to come. We hit seton hall first with pineapples in hand. Niggas was confused about the shit but we did what we always do. Turned the fuck up. We ended that show with a bang and left something juicy for niggas to reminisce about. We had to get ready for the next night in Hoboken. There was already 200 girls on the guest list for the Hoboken show and we knew we had to get shit extra sweet for the ladies. So we poured pineapple juice all over the fucking place. My brother LonerDarian a menace with the camera. Nobody can stop him when he got that shit in possession. LonerDarian, Eli 1k, Raquan, SnoWashington, Wayne Jetski, Jsaggio, and everyone else we was with had shit turnt to the max. Could not have asked for a better weekend and I know there's way more WonderFull weekends to come, so stay tuned. We gonna keep living this WonderFull life.